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D’espairsRay Announces Hiatus (IMPORTANT)
by D'espairsRay on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 8:25am
To all our fans who have followed us and supported us throughout the years;

After much consideration and discussion, all 4 members of D'espairsRay have decided to take an indefinite hiatus following the conclusion of the 'D'espairsRay World Tour 2010 "Human-clad Monsters"'. During this time the band will be taking a break from all concerts and recording.

The reason for this hiatus is to allow HIZUMI (vo.) to fully recover from a past illness that has affected his throat and made it difficult to sing. HIZUMI has dealt with this rare throat condition for over a year, but the band's busy touring and recording schedule hasn't allowed him the time to fully undergo treatment. He currently plans to spend the early part of next year in recovery, and return to the band as soon as possible.

Although HIZUMI has undergone treatment to temporarily allow him to continue the current tour, it is not a permanent fix and there is no guarantee as to how long it will last. All 4 members of D'espairsRay plan to give their all for the remaining shows on this tour, both in Japan and overseas, and thank you for your continuing support in these difficult times.



Even after the band goes on hiatus, we will continue to update all websites and media outlets with the lastest iformation. While consulting with various voice and throat specialists around Japan we have tried many treatments, but have not yet found one that has a high chance of success.

If anyone has any information regarding promising treatment options, including those done overseas, please contact us. Thank you.

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2010-09-21 в 18:17 

Все мы принуждены ради того, чтобы сделать жизнь сносной, защищаться от нее каким нибудь чудачеством. (с) Марсель Пруст
акира шок!!!
блииин.... ну одно хорошо: обещают вернуться как только с голосом проблем не будет. эхххххх..... по практике эт обычно около года времени забирает...
может за это время новых песен напишут!!!! :crzfan:
главное что они не реcформировываются!!!! :crazy:
они всё еще группа и скоро к нам вернутся! :kiss:

2010-09-21 в 18:24 

Наш девиз в ответ на ваш - "Поломаешься и дашь".

мур мур...
я так надеюсь...

И так страшно... прям совсем ппц...
Вот такая я истерично-депрессивная дурочка после их концерта xD
Аж самой не по себе О_о